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Come and see the Old Jameson Distillery as it is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin City Centre. Old Jameson Distillery is one of Ireland’s oldest and most iconic distillers. Its famous Jameson whiskey is renowned worldwide and has put Dublin on the centre stage for whiskey production. The tourist section offers an excellent guided tour and masterclass that is a must see for anyone.

You will get to see, taste and smell the Jameson Irish Whiskey experience. The tour guides walk you through the living history where the legend of John Jameson began.

You will end the tour by putting theory into practice at the masterclass. This masterclass will give you great knowledge and understanding the differences between Scotch, American and Jameson Irish Whiskey. At the end of it all you are given a Jameson Ginger and Lime, a certificate and all the information to brag!

Open 7 Days A Week

Open 7 days a week, admission starts from €13 upwards.

25 Minute Drive Away

Clayton Hotel Leopardstown is within close proximity to the distillery and is easy accessible by public transport.

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