Living Green Initiative

Living Green Initiative

We are on a journey to significantly improve our processes and practices to reduce any harmful impacts we are having on the environment.

Living Green is Clayton Hotel Leopardstown’s environmental movement which inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotel; both for our people and our guests.

At Clayton Hotel Leopardstown we care deeply for our environment and have introduced environmentally-friendly changes to help play our part in protecting it. All of our staff are being fully trained on our environmental policies and processes we use around the hotel.

Green Tourism

Clayton Hotel Leopardstown has been accredited by Green Tourism, a certification program that provides a framework to achieve a sustainable business in the tourism industry. We have made great progress in this and have received a Gold in 2021. This is a fantastic achievement by the team but we will continue to strive forward and make improvements in this area.

We have an environmental impact team made up in the hotel and are continually working to find ways for us to reduce our impact on the environment

Think GREEN!

Clayton Hotel Leopardstown has implemented a comprehensive environmental policy and we are actively trying to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE as much as possible.

Our guests can help achieve this by:

  • Putting used towels in the bath/shower that need replacing.
  • Hanging towels you wish to reuse on the bathroom rail.
  • Placing all dry waste in the bedroom bin for recycling and all other waste in the bathroom bin for disposal.
  • Turning off lights and TV when leaving the bedroom.
  • Saving water by not running bathroom taps unnecessarily.

 Bug Hotel

One initiative we are really proud to have completed this year is the construction of our very own Bug Hotel. A Bug Hotel is specifically designed to allow the insects to hibernate mainly during the winter months, and is made up of many reusable parts such as wood and bricks creating several different sections or “rooms” for the bugs to use.
The bug hotel is eco-friendly and is built using upcycled garden materials and natural items such as leaves and sticks.
Bug Hotels have great benefits such as:

  • Supplementing & replacing some of the lost natural habitats.
  • Encouraging the increase of beneficial insects to help control pests.
  • Stimulating biodiversity and an ecological balance in the garden.
  • Offering an opportunity for educating children (and grown-ups!)  about how balanced ecosystems work.

The Future

At Clayton Hotel Leopardstown, we are committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more please contact us.


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