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Hotels Near Dublin Zoo

Hotels Near Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is 1 of Europe’s most impressive zoo’s that is situated in the Phoenix Park near the city centre.

Dublin Zoo is 1 of Europe’s most impressive zoo’s that is situated in the Phoenix Park near the city centre. It was originally set up in 1831 as a conservation, research and study area of wild and exotic animals. It is one of the world’s oldest zoos with up to 400 exotic animals homed in a safe environment from all over the world including the artic, the plains of Africa and Indian rainforests.

Children can also visit the pet corner and city farm. Coupled with Phoenix Park atmosphere, this amazing tourist attraction is definitely one of the best place to visit with children. Phoenix Park is 1 of the largest and most iconic city parks in Ireland. Phoenix Park Visitor Centre offers visitors historical interpretations of the park dating back to 3,500 BC, whilst also learning about the wildlife it holds. It offers visitors free self-guided tours of various wildlife that the park houses.

Another attraction nearby within the Phoenix Park is Áras an Uachtaráin (President of Ireland’s residence). Guided tours of the iconic house are given very regularly. On site at Dublin Zoo they have Restaurants, Baby Changing Facilities, Picnic Areas, First Aid, Toilets, Gift Shop and Information points to cover all your needs. The Zoo sadly lost Harry the western lowland gorilla early this 2016. Harry, the “Silverback” was the leader of the Dublin Zoo gorilla troop. He was 29 years old and fathered six offspring during his time at the zoo. Harry was born on 9th September 1986 in Frankfurt Zoo and arrived to Dublin in September 23rd 1995.

In July 2016, the zoo welcomed a bundle of joy – a baby western lowland gorilla whose father was Harry. This was a particularly bittersweet moment for Dublin Zoo. The zoo welcomed two Okapis aged 14 and 6 from Rotterdam Zoo. These are the very first Okapis to ever live in Ireland. Along with the Okapis, the zoo also celebrated the birth of 7 African painted dogs. Clayton Hotel Leopardstown is located 26K from the zoo and is easy accessible using public transport. Book your stay today.


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