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Red Bean Roastery


Red Bean Roastery is very popular for work meetings, casual interviews or simply a catch up with friends. The red bean refers to the ripe fruit of the jasmine scented flower of the coffee plant. It is when the fruit has reached perfection. Red Bean Roastery is about capturing this moment in a perfect cup of coffee. We have made it our mission to bring our customers a great cup of coffee whenever they visit a Red Bean Roastery.

Coffee sourced from around the globe

Our coffee is sourced from the four corners of the globe, including Central and South America. What truly elevated our coffee is the craft and care our barista put into perfecting every cup. In our atrium we provide table service, so let our dedicated team look after you. Enjoy a freshly baked scone oozing with fresh cream and preserve, washed down by an energy boosting Americano or superfood salad with a green tea, there is something for everyone. We change our lunch menus weekly in the Atrium to ensure the best variety in tastiness for our customers.

Relax in the Atrium

We have put time and thought into our Atrium allowing our customers the perfect relaxed environment. These flexible and accommodating spaces offer comfort and atmosphere designed to bring our customers back time and time again. Drop in for a tea or coffee today.


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